Grues Caillard 900 Calais

Country and region: 
France: Nord-Pas-de-Calais et Picardie,
Town, city: 
Port de Calais / Quai Port EST
The 903 crane in Calais
present state: 
still in use
built by: 
Caillard SA Le Havre
in use since: 
Lifting capacity: 
40T au crochet et 22T à la benne
forward reach: 
40 m
Lift Height: 
30 m
Description : 

Cranes built by the Caillard Company (Le Havre) which closed in 2001.

At the origins the port of Calais had 4 cranes numbered  901 ;902 ;903 ;904. The cranes 901 and 902 were scrapped in 2012. Today only yhe 903 and 904 do remain