half-portal crane no. 2 at Ostend

Country and region: 
Belgium - Flemish Region
Town, city: 
Oostende (Ostend)
GPS localisation: 
51°13'27.8"N 2°55'54.6"E
geographical coordinates: 
Ostend harbour crane n° 2
present state: 
legally protected
built by: 
ACEC (Ateliers de Constructions Électriques de Charleroi)
in use since: 
out of use: 
Lifting capacity: 
2000 kg
forward reach: 
11,75 m
Lift Height: 
17,25 m
Description : 

The overhead crane no. 2 is the only remaining crane of the six that were installed in 1911 on the Westkaai (western quay) of the Vlotdok
In 1903 the government commission decided that no water-pressure cranes, but electric cranes would be purchased. To this end, the State and the City signed an agreement with the 'Compagnie du Chemin de Fer electrique d'Ostende-Blankenberghe et extensions' in 1907. The overhead cranes rran on one track on the quay and on the other side on a the track that is supported by the balconies on the first floor of the hangars. The cranes, roller conveyors and tracks are supplied by ACEC (Ateliers de Constructions Électriques de Charleroi) . Two cranes that had to be provided for the Oostkaai (Eastern Quay) never were installed.
The cranes have a lifting capacity of two tons, a reach of 11.75 m. Outside the quay wall, a hoisting height of 17.25 m above the ground floor and a hoisting speed of 0.75 m per second at two tons of load. The bridging of the chassis is 13.50 m.

The warehouse and the crane are protected as historic monument since 22-09-1981.
In 2016 the city decided to restore the crane and a tender was issued for the appointment of a engineer or company to study the technical aspects
In August 2018 he was disassembled and transported to a specialised workshop in  Ghent. The restoration work should be finished before Christmas 2018, after which the crane will return to its original location.

Ostend harbour crane n° 2
Ostend harbour crane n° 2
Ostend harbour crane n° 2
Ostend harbour crane n° 2
Ostend harbour crane n° 2
Ostend harbour crane n° 2