Tarragona Port crane 1946

Country and region: 
Spain: Catalunya
Town, city: 
Moll de Costa
geographical coordinates: 
Latitude 41.109454 Length 1.248389
Museum crane Tarragona 1946
built by: 
Boetticher y Navarro SA
in use since: 
out of use: 
Lifting capacity: 
2.5- and 5-ton
forward reach: 
maximum 16 m, minimum 9 m
Description : 

2.5- and 5-ton crane with a variable radius and an articulated triangular derrick. The rotating parts are mounted on a gantry frame with four legs with rollers that travel along tracks with rails and guard rails that have a 4.5-metre separation between the external rail axles.
It was installed on the Llevant Wharf for loading and unloading cargo. It worked there until 1991, when it was withdrawn from service following the acquisition of more powerful cranes. Due to its historical value, it has been preserved, together with the previous cranes, to form part of the Port of Tarragona Museum heritage.

Height: 18 m
Total weight: 40,090 kg
Material: Steel, brass and iron.

This crane belongs to the  Port of Tarragona Museum’s heritage (MPT48).