harbour crane in Gijon

Country and region: 
Spain: Asturias
Town, city: 
GPS localisation: 
geographical coordinates: 
present state: 
preserved in good condition
built by: 
Boetticher y Navarro, Madrid
in use since: 
out of use: 
Lifting capacity: 
3 T/M
forward reach: 
20 m
Lift Height: 
Description : 

The crane now flanks as a guardian the access to the La Osa docks in the port of Gijon.
In  the mid-1950s, when the traffic of general merchandise was increasing (in a port in which the main activity was focused on the export of coal) the harbour board decided to acquire eight 3 Tm Boetticher y Navarro cr anes to facilitate loading and unloading on the Ribera docks and the two piers. The remaining crane was built in 1956 by the Madrid workshops Boetticher y Navarro.
The faithful "Madrileña" was active for 36 years, until its decommissioning was decided in 1992.
With good reason, the Port Authority decided to preserve and restore it and integrate it as a highlight of the port's industrial heritage.
It is now a giant symbolic statue, a Cyclops, guarding the entrance to the port area.