List of cranes by country

Country and region Town, city > go to the record in use since
(United Kingdom): Channel Island Jersey (Crown Dependency) St Helier Jersey New North Quay Level Luffing Crane 1949
Croatia Sisak Old steam crane on the river Kupa 1903
France: Auvergne et Rhône-Alpes, Lyon Grue à la Confluence unknown
Germany: Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Schwerin Harbour crane in Schwerin 1978
Netherlands: Friesland (Fryslân) Harlingen B&B in a harbour crane 1967
Poland Gdansk Crane M15 at Gdansk 1936
Spain: Asturias Gijon harbour crane in Gijon 1956
Spain: Catalunya Barcelona The hand cranes of Barcelona 1862
Spain: Catalunya Tarragona Tarragona Port crane 1926 1926
Spain: Catalunya Tarragona Tarragona Port crane 1929 1933