The crane of the Koekoeckx company in Vilvoorde

Country and region: 
Belgium - Flemish Region
Town, city: 
GPS localisation: 
Koekoeckx crane in Vilvoorde
present state: 
built by: 
Le Titan Anversois
in use since: 
out of use: 
Lifting capacity: 
5 ton
forward reach: 
24 m
Description : 

The crane was originally ordered  for delivery to  Matadi in Congo in 1960 but was never delivered due to the independence of Congo in 1960. Instead the harbor of Gent bought this crane. It was installed and used at the Kennedy dock In 1989 this dock was widened and the crane did no longer fit the location. It was sold publicly and purchased by the company Koekoeckx in Vilvoorde, a  trading company in building materials. The crane was dissasbled and reassembled in Vilvoorde in 1989. It was in use till 2014 approx. Since then it is used sporadically but is deteriorating. The Flemish government declined a request to make it industrial heritage.

The photo’s attached date from 2015. Today’s condition is worse.


There is also a story about the generator used for the crane while it operated in Vilvoorde. This generator was build in Russia and was owned by the Belgian railways before it was purchased by Koekoeckx.

Titan Anversois crane - plan
a painting of the Koekoeckx crane in Vilvoorde
the quay and the Koekoeckx crane in Vilvoorde
Koekoeckx crane in Vilvoorde
Koekoeckx crane in Vilvoorde
Koekoeckx crane in Vilvoorde
Koekoeckx crane in Vilvoorde