Gantry crane at the Navantia Dockyards in Perlío

Country and region: 
Spain: Galicia
Town, city: 
Perlío (Fene)
geographical coordinates: 
43º 28’ 30.62” N / 8º 10’ 45.28” W (WGS 84)
General view from Southwest, march 2013
present state: 
still in use
built by: 
La Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima
in use since: 
Lifting capacity: 
800 metric tons (maximum combining the three hooks)
forward reach: 
Lift Height: 
76 m
Description : 

Full gantry crane used for construction of large commercial ships
Gantry span 145 metres
Displacement length 500 metres
Three lifting hooks, 300 metric tons of capacity each one (800 tons when working together)
First used for construction of the oil tanker Arteaga, then the largest ship in the world (347.94 m length, 53.37 m beam, 32.01 m depth, 325795 metric tons dead weight) launched from slipway (Dec. 1972)

For more details, please contact “Buxa, The Galician Association for Industrial Heritage

December 1971, end of the construction of the crane
March 1972 - testing the crane