Crane M15 at Gdansk

Country and region: 
Town, city: 
Gdansk shipyard at the slipway B5 (Malarzy 86B)
geographical coordinates: 
54.366372, 18.642187
Crane M15 at Gdansk
present state: 
preserved in good condition
built by: 
maybe: ZAMECH Elblag (reconstruction after the war?)
in use since: 
out of use: 
Lifting capacity: 
20 T for 10 m reach (and 10 T for 20 m reach)
forward reach: 
20 m
Lift Height: 
28.5 m from the ground and 9.2 m from the rails
Description : 

The date this huge overpass jib crane was built is uncertain. There are no manufacturer plates nor original documents of the manufacturer available. According to some information the crane was (re?)built by ZAMECH Elblag in 1950 - but other informations seems to refer to 1936. After the war the crane was used for shipbuilding in 1956. He worked as one of two cranes located on the same overpass. Withdrawn from service in June 2009.
Today's owner is the City of Gdańsk (since 28/10/2013)


Crane M15 at Gdansk
Crane M15 at Gdansk
Crane M15 at Gdansk